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Uber Nutrition manufactures "high end" nutritional products. we specialize in bespoke products with added-value nutritional ingredients to create high protein, low carb, low GI, sports energy, with high fibre, granola cereal type bars that compliment your brand.

Quality Management


We are an ISO22000 accredited facility with a team of qualified food technology staff that ensures product quality and consistency.

research & development

We have an in house product development lab, that can assist the development of Nutritional Products to ensure that you receive the best class product to sell under your Brand.


Our Capabilities include:

  • Private Labeling for nutritional products
  • Assistance in Label Design
  • Calculation of Nutritional Macro-nutritients
  • Quick Production Turn-around Time
  • Product Development
  • Minimum Orders, Lowest in Industry
  • Sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Initial Sample Production
  • Multi-Million Public Product Liability


Product Development of your brand into a ready-to-eat product. We have an on-site laboratory that manufactures trials batches to get the product nutritional and organoleptic taste profile for each product.  Shelf-life trials can also be conducted


Nutritional confectionery manufacture and packing, such as

  • High Protein bars
  • High Protein, Low Carbohydrate bars
  • Energy bars
  • Granola bars
  • Slimmers bars
  • Fruit bars
  • Low GI food bars
  • Diabetic bars
  • High fiber snack bars
  • Fudges & Caramels
  • Nougats


Nutritional powders blending and packing, such as

  • High Protein shakes
  • Slimmers Meal shakes
  • Slimmers Drink
  • Isotonic Drink supplements
  • Diabetic supplements
  • Fiber supplements
  • Vitamin & mineral blends
  • Amino acids and more


Nutritional liquids blending and packing, such as

  • Isotonic drinks
  • Sports Energy gels
  • Herbal tinctures
  • Herbal tonics


Nutritional capsule supplements manufacture and packing, such as

  • Herbals
  • Multi-vitamin and Minerals
  • Condition specific blends
  • Amino acids


Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Protocol

Uber Nutrition manufacture facility is set over 2400sqm and use comprehensive food safety (HACCP) and quality management processes to ensure the facility to produce quality consistently.


The manufacture facility includes, -automated packaging lines that can accommodate just about any packaging option*, including:

(1) Flow-wrapped bars; (2) Jars/Tubs;

(3) Sachets (powders, liquids).


*Lot number and expiration dating are printed directly on the the label,

helping maintain our exceptional

quality control standards.

Uber Nutrition adheres to the following processes each and every day to assure our customer's receives the quality products they deserve.


Vendor Audits

Prospective raw material suppliers are validated and visited, inspected to ensure their conformance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), equitable labor policies, and environmental responsibility.


Raw Materials Specifications

All incoming ingredients conform to food/pharmaceutical standards of

purity and effectiveness


Receipt of Incoming Raw Materials

No ingredient is received at our manufacturing facility unless it is in properly labeled packaging with tamper-evident seals. All incoming shipments must be accompanied by full documentation, including independent Certificate of Laboratory Analysis. Packing Slip identifying product name and batch numbers.


Full-Scale Production

All products are produced in controlled conditions operating under  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) standards


Weighing and Blending

Following the Master Formula BOM, each ingredient is weighed, tagged, and placed in a separate bags from each other ingredient. As each ingredient is weighed, both the operator and supervisor must sign off on the BOM record. This double sign off is repeated again when each ingredient is added to the mixer.


Weight Variation Analysis

In-process, products are -weighed every 15 minutes by quality control technicians to certify that all products are of uniform in weight for a consistent results.


Packaging & Product Completion

Once a batch lot number has been completed,  products are spot checked. This process will identify under-weight or deformed products to ensure they are removed from the production, thus assuring our customers receive a uniform product. Thereafter, the products are packaged and batch labeled to complete the traceability from raw material ingredients to finished product.


This is only a limited scope of what is involved in the entire process of

producing and manufacturing your products, for further information on

Uber Nutrition, it process, products, private labeling opportunities and custom formulas, please call one of our customer service personnel with any questions you may have at 011 493 1371.


Uber Nutrition is a specialist

Nutritional Food Manufacturer.

We are in the game of making products "Nutritional Sweets", that are nutritionally enhanced including:

Protein Bars

Cereal Bars

Energy Bar

Low GI Bars

Low Carb Bars

and many others. Our production team has from 5 -20 years experience in producing these types of products. Bring us your ideas and we will create products especially for your Brand.

our responsibility:

social & environment

As food manufacturers we do not waste anything.

On every production run there are always some products that are

not up to standard, these are set aside and are used to

create a product for the lower LSM consumer. Products are

produced that are packed in bulk boxes, therefore sold to wholesalers , who sell to smaller businesses.  This is our BUSINESS IN A BOX

venture that creates self employment for many.


We recycle all our paper, plastic and cardboard using

 small independent operators.


Sometimes overruns are produced, these bars are set

aside and given to  charity  organizations.


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